In 1967 the former Northern Region of Nigeria was split into six states, North Central, North Western, North Eastern, Kano, Benue - Plateau and Kwara. A board known as the intermediary Administrative Council was set up. The council was replaced by the Interim Common Services Agency which took over the functions of the various ministries and organisations of the former Northern Region

In March 1976 the Agency was dissolved

1 Registers 1955-1976 40 volume/ s
.1 Incoming Correspondence Register 1967-1979 15"
.2 Outgoing Correspondence Register 1969-1976 4"
.3 File Registers 1966-1975 13"
.6 Query Analysis 'Register 1966-1971 1"
.9 Loan Registers (Not dated) 3"
.12 Advances Registers 1966-1973 2"
.13 Schedule Registers 1968-1974 1"
.15 S.A.P.E. Register 1968-1969 1"
.16 Record of Services Registers 1968 2"
.18 Job Register 1970-1975 1"
.19 Security Register    
.21 Maintenance of Government Quarters and Rent Registers 1969-1970 2"
.22 Card Index Issue Register 1958-1961 1"
.23 Payment Registers 1968-1969 2"
2 Account Books 1955-1976 247"
.1 Account Journals 1956-1975 10"
.2 Cash Books 1955-1976 78"
.3 Departmental Vote B90ks 1960-1976 118"
.4 Draft Control Books 1961-1973 10"
.5 Finalised Statement of Accounts 1966-1967 1"
.6 Draft Queries 1965-1966 3"
.7 Details of Annual Allowance Payment 1965 1"
.8 Inquest Books 1968-1975 1"
.9 Salary and Wages cheques 1968-1974 4"
.10 Trial Balances 1970-1973 1"
.11 Authority for Variation in Pay 1969-1975 4"
.12 Pension Pay Roll 1966-1967 1 volume/s
.13 Loss of Government Funds 1963-1968 2"
.14 I.C.S.A. and Rifle Club Minutes Books 1962-1968 2"
.15 Store Issue Forms Books 1967-1973 9"
.16 Time Sheet for Daily Rated Staff 1967-1968 2"
3-8 General Correspondence 1927-1976 8,395 files


The Office was established in April 1943 with its headquarters at Kano to promote the production of
groundnuts during the war period. Groundnut propaganda offices were established at Adamawa, Bauchi, Bornu, Kano, Katsina, Sokoto and Zaria. The Groundnut campaign office was abolished on 26th June, and in 1946 its functions were taken over by the Civil Supply Office at Kaduna.

  General Correspondence 1931-1947 137 files


The Nigerian Cotton Board came into existence with the enactment of the Commodity Board's Decree No. 29 of 1977. The Board replaced the Northern Nigerian Marketing Board. The Board was organised into four divisions, Administrations and Personnel, Finance and Accounts, Documentation and Sales Division, Shipping and Evacuation.

The Board was to ensure the most favourable arrangement for the purchase and sale of commodities, to meet domestic requirements and to export the surplus. It was also to promote the development and rehabilitation of the producing area to ensure adequate stipply of fertilizer, improved seeds and other requisite inputs.

NCB 1      
1 Registers and Books 1968-1987 834volume/s
.1 Cash Books 1976-1987 183"
.2 Vote Books 1977-1987 194"
.4 Correspondence Registers 1977-1987 22"
.5 Produce Purchase Registers 1977-1987 28"
.6 Contracts/Release Evacuation of Produce Registers 1968-1987 239"
.10 Staff Retirement Benefits 1987 1"
.11 Expenditure Books 1979-1985 3"
.12 Permanent Cotton Markets 1980-1982 1"
.14 Assets Register 1980-1985 2"
.16 Statistics of importation of Cotton by Textile Millers 1981-1985 1"
.18 Gratuity and Pension Book 1980-1984 1"
.21 Large Scale Farmers Register (Not dated) 1"
.23 Out turn Reports Cotton lint 1978 1"
.25 Staff files Register 1981 1"
  Files List (Not dated) 2"
  Seed Cotton Receipt Book 1982-1983 1"
.29 NCTB, UNUPC Employees Minutes Book 1979-1983 1"
.30 Northern States Marketing Board Daily Progress Report Register 1974 1"
.33 List of Textiles (Not dated) 1"
.35 Cotton seed for planting, distribution 1983 1"
.37 Memorandum 1972-1984 1"
.38 LBA Control Ledger 1982-1984 11"
2-5 General Correspondence 1952-1987 1"


The first move to establish the Veterinary Department was made in 1913 when Sir Frederick Lugard appointed a Chief Surgeon to draw up a memorandum on the necessary steps to be taken to check the spread of diseases in cattle. In 1918 the Veterinary Department was established following the promulgation of the Animal Diseases Ordinance of that year.

A Veterinary Department was later established in each of the provincial headquarters, Kano, Zaria, Jos, Katsina, Sokoto, Maiduguri and Horin with Headquarters at Jos.

The Department was responsible for improvement of animal husbandry, the control of animal diseases, the improvement of hides and skins and were also responsible for advising government on all matters relating to animal husbandry, it also liaIsed with other countries on matters relating to the control of movement of animals, and the spread of animal diseases. The Department also was responsible for conducting research on animal diseases prevalent in Africa. In pursuance of its research activities, the pepartment established a Research Laboratory at Vom which also produced vaccines for the innoculatlon of animals and the treatment of animal diseases.

1-4 General Correspondence of the Department of Veterinary Department Vom, Jos 1914-1968 4,878 files
1-3 General Correspondence of the Department
of Veterinary Department, Kano
1934-1958 472"


The origin of Arabic manuscripts in Nigeria is traceable to the 9th cent:ury contact of Arab /Muslim Northern Africa with the Sahelian belt of West Africa through the long established (Trans-Sahara) trade links. With traders came Muslim scholars, and intellectuals who did not only spread the Islamic Faith but served as aids to indegenous rulers in the area.)As a result Arabic writings manuscripts accumulated over the centuries in various Islamc centres in places like Kano, Katsina, Zazau, Daura etc. Many of these writings were popularised by Dr, Hendrich Barth in his book "Travels in Central Africa" published in Europe in 1858. Many of these writings were destroyed by the leaders of the nineteenth century jihad in Northern Nigeria but quite a number survived.

The leaders of the jihad themselves were prolific writers in intellectual works. These works include those of Sheikh Uthman-Dan-Fodio, his brother, Abdallahi Dan Fodio and his son, Sultan Muhammad1 Bello of Sokoto. These works deal with subjects such as jurisdiction for jihad, purification of Islar prescriptions for government and philosophical essays.

1-2 Abdallahi Bayero College Kano Collections Not dated 13 volume/s
1-11 Adamawa Province Collections Not dated 89"
1-11 Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria Collections 1215-1963 148"
1-46 Bauchi Province Collections 1453-1962 163"
1-10 Benue Province Collections 1800-1962 234"
1-26 Borno Province Collections 1540-1948 359"
1-31 Kano Province Collections 1601-1985 220"
1-34 The Katsina Province Collections 1593-1965 208"
1-40 Horin Province Collections 1797-1955 95"
1-27 Kabba Province Collections 1281-1955 416"
1-41 Kaduna Collections 1618-1964 470"
60-61 Plateau Province Collections 1690-1960 23"
1-4 Sardauna Province Collections 1393-1959 195"
1-50 Sokoto Province Collections 1100-1958 505"
D/AR Zaria Province Collections 1663-1964 400"
They consist of maps relating to railways, boundaries, administrations, demography, topography, roads provincial districts and National resources as well as building plans and technical drawings.


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