1-5 General Correspondence of the Local Government Ministry 1910-1957 2,504 files
6 Native Court Warrants for Abeokuta, Ijebu and Oyo Provinces 1918-1947 3 volumes
7.1 General Correspondence 1934-1959 61 files
.2 Order-in-Council Ordinance Regulation and Proclaimations and Public Notices 1940-1953  
  The Government (Notice No. 11 of 1925) published in the Nigerian Gazette of January 21st, 1915 lists Ibadan as one of the Provinces forming the Southern Provinces. Ibadan Province was madE: up of an estimated area of 14,200 square miles.
  General Correspondence on Civil cases, Land and Chieftaincy
1915-1957 610 files
  General Correspondence on materials for Ibadan Native Administration 1946-1957 35
  Criminal and Civil Record Books Intelligence 1917-1952 4 volumes
  Reports on Northern Ibadan District, Ibadan town and other Administrative Divisions
Circulars and Financial memoranda for use in
1937-1938 13 files
  Local Government Treasuries Annual Reports on Ibadan Division 1937-1956 25 "



  By the government Notice No. 11 of Nigeria Gazette of January 21st 1915, Ijebu province was created out of old Abeokuta province. This was however altered and adjusted on the 23rd of December 1915 by the Government Notice No. 99 in Gazette No. 69 vol. 2. This time, Ijebu province was bounded in the North by "Southern and Eastern limits of Ibadan" and the "Northern and Southern Provinces boundary and the Western boundary of Benin province on the South by the sea and on the West by the southern limit of Egba".
  General Correspondence of Ijebu Provincial Office, Ijebu-Qde
1913-1959 4,114 files
  Annual, quarterly and miscellaneous reports 1892-1952 15 "
  Criminal! Civil Court Registers 1938-1947 14 volumes
  Civil! Criminal record books 1885-1947 8"
  Returns 1938 1 file
  Register of Reviews 1951-1955 1"
  List of Cases and Judgments 1933-1945 1"
  Rules 1938 1/1
  Inquests 1934 1 volume


The Government Notice No. 11 of January 21st 1915 provided for the division of the Southern Provinces into nine among which were Abeokuta, Benin, Calabar, Ibadan, Ijebu, Owerri and Warri. According to this notice, Ekiti, Ondo and Okitipupa divisions were included in Ijebu province. These arrangements were modified in Government Notice No. 99 published in gazette No. 67 voL 2 of the 23rd of December 1915. Ijebu and Ibadan provinces were abolished and renamed Ondo and Oyo Provinces respectively. The new Ondo province comprised Ekiti, Ondo and Okitipupa Divisions.

administration of Ondo Province during the period 1915-1952 was based on a pyramid comprising Assistant District Officers in charge of Districts, District Officers in charge of Divisions and a Resident in charge of the Province. During the period 1915-1938, the Resident was responsible to the Lieutenant Governor of the Southern Provinces, who was in turn responsible to the Lieutenant Governor of Nigeria for the preservation of law and order and the efficient conduct of all public business in the province. In 1939, the Southern provinces were grouped into two: Eastern and Western provinces. The headquarters of the Western provinces was at Ibadan headed by the Chief Commissioner. In 1946, the provinces were renamed under the Richard's Constitution; In 1952, another constitutional change introduced Lieutenant Governors who presided over the Regional Executive Councils comprising ministers and high government officials.


General Correspondence on proyincial administration Correspondence Registers

1916-1959 2,361 files

volume/s Cash Book

1949-1956 3 bound1/
  General Correspondence of the Ondo Provincial Office 1908-1956  
  Incoming Correspondence Registers Court    
  Cash Books 1949-1950  



  General Correspondence of the Ondo Divisional Office
1915-1961 1,578 file
  Correspondence Registers Judicial Records
1908-1956 25 volume/
  Civil Records Books of the North Eastern District 1903-1913 21
  Criminal and Civil Record Book of the North Eastern District 1910-1913 11
  Ondo Native Court Record Books 1919-1924 2"
  District Officers Civil Record Books 1923-1952 3"
  District Officer's Criminal Record Books 1924-1954 4"
  Miscellaneous Court Records    
  Books and Diaries    
  Journals and Diaries of Traveling Commissioners, District Commissioners and District Officers
1897-1923 4"
  Letters, Books Traveling Commissioners,District Commissioners and District Officers
1903-1910 3"
  Minute Books of the Native Council and the
District Commissioner
1907-1915 2"
  Departmental Charges Book 1913-1918 1"
  Prison Record Books 1927-1930 3 II-
  Village Assessment Record Books 1928-1935 5"
  Office Diaries 1934-1955 7"
  Miscellaneous Cash Books 1944-1955 3"


  General Correspondence of Ado-Ekiti Divisional Office
1930-1962 1,509 files

In-Letters, Out-Letters and Marriage Registers

  Judicial Records    
  Criminal Record Books of the District
  Civil Record Books of the District Commissioner
1913-1944 2"
  Coroner's .Inquest Book 1928-1933 1"
  Native Courts Civil Record Books (Ise, Ikerre, Emure, Aisegba, Are, Ado-Ewi and Oye)
1937-1949 7"
  Miscellaneous Bound Volumes    
  District Officers Rilling Book 1922-1926 1"
  Ekiti Divisional Asses,sment Book 1945-1947 1"
  Local Treasurer's Cash Book 1945-1947 1"



  General Correspondence of Owo Divisional Office
1919-1958 237 files
  In-Letters, Registered In-Letters, Out-Letters and Marriage Registers Judicial Records 1935-1958

26 volume/s
  Owo Native Court (Appellate Division) Civil Record Books    
  District Officer's Criminal Record Books 1918-1956 3"
  District Officer's Review Books 1930-1934 3"
  Native Court Cause List Book 1937-1955 3"
  Owo Native Court Civil Record Books 1950-1957 1"
  Miscellaneous Bound Volumes 1955-1956 2"
  District Officer's Traveling Diaries 1930-1952 15 "
  Revenue Collector's Cash Book 1951-1953 1J1
  Intelligence Record Book Owo Division Not dated I"



  General Correspondence of Okitipupa Division
1922-1961 486 files
  In-Letters and Out-Letters Registers 1933-1956 2 volumes
  Judicial Registers    
  Coroner's Inquest Book 1927-1940 1 volume/s
  District Officer's Criminal Record Books 1931-1955 I"
  District Officer's Civil Record Books 1935-1958 2"
  Ikale District Native Court Civil Record Book 1937-1940 I"
  Register of Case Reviews and Appeals 1952-1953 I"



  General Correspondence of Akure Divisional Council
1937-1951 3,033 files
  Registers of In-Coming Correspondence, Out-Going Correspondence, permit, Attendance and Minute Cash Book 1939-1961 61 volumes


Ibadan Province was renamed Oyo Province in a governmental gazette No. 67 vol. 2 dated 23rd
December, 1915. The province comprised He, nesha, Iwo, Oshun, Ibadan and Oyo divisions.
  General Correspondence of the Oyo Provincial Office
1914-1954 5,318 files
  Criminal and Civil Case Records 1907-1950 18 volume. 5
  Correspondence Register-Receipts 1906-1933 42"
  Inwards Correspondence Registers 1935-1945 22"
  Roll of Reservists 1944  
  Telegrams Inwards Correspondence Registers 1944-1946  
  Inwards Correspondence Registers 1948-1956  
  Record Book 1916-1943  
  Correspondence register - Issues 1916-1939  



  General Correspondence of the Divisional Office
  Inwards Correspondence Registers 1943-1958  
  Criminal and Civil Record Books 1932-1957  



  General Correspondence of the Ilesha Divisional Office
1938-1960 1,210 files
  Record Book District Officers Appeal Court 1946-1950 2 volumes



  General Correspondence 1933-1959 120 files
  Outwards Correspondence Register 1954-1955 120 volumes



  General Correspondence 1922-1959 3,359 files
  Inwards Correspondence Registers 1933-1958 10
  Outward Correspondence Registers 1933-1956 volume/ s
  District Commissioner's Letter Book 1909-1910 5" I"
  Cash Books 1932-1936 2" 1"
  Land Lease Recorc,i Book 1954 I"
  Birth Register 1936-1953 36 "
  Marriage Registers 1928-1957  



  General Correspondence on Native administration, Civil and Criminal matters 1927-1960 1,536 files
  Petitions, Boundary Disputes and Chieftaincy matters 1925-1952 236 "
  Oyo Division Chiefs matters affecting Land Matters 1918-1955 338"
  Boundary Disputes General Matters and Civil Matters 1913-1949 47"
  Civil Cases 1939-1960 260"



  General Correspondence 1893-1957 1,135 files



With the amalgamation of the Southern Protectorates and the Colony and Protectorate,Of Lagos in 1906. The Central Province was created. In 1914, the Southern and Northern Protectorates were amalgamated. This led to the splitting of the Central Province into Ward and Benin provinces. Ward Province was made up of Sapele, Ijaw; Urhobo (Ughelli) and Kwale Divisions.
'Narri Province was administered like any other province until 1958 when it was abolished following
the abolition of the provincial system of administration.
  General Correspondence of Ward Provincial Administration
1915-1959 2,334 files
  Criminal Court Record Books 1931-1955  
  Outward Correspondence Registers 1948-1957  
  Expenditure and Revenue Boqks 1940-1957  
  Marriage Register 1950-1956  
  . Diary 1933  


  General Correspondence of Sapele Divisional 1930-1958  
  Civil Record Books 1911-1947  
  Criminal Record Books 1899-1947  
  Coroner's Book 1938-1947  
  Recognizance Form 1948-1950  
  Recognizance to answer charge 1940-1941  
  Warrant Files 1948-1950  
  Marriage Registers 1949-1953  
  Correspondence Registers 1944-1957  
  Cash Books 1929-1935  
  Index Registers 1921-1947  
  Nominal Rolls 1950-1952  
  Register 1940-1944  
  General Correspondence of Urhobo Ugheli) Divisional Administration
  Case Files 1934-1957  
  Handing Over Notes 1932'-1940  
  General Election Papers 1950-1957  
  Criminal Record Book 1930-1951  
  Civil Record Book 1934-1936  
  Complaint Book 1931-1943  
  Criminal Returns 1933-1936  
  Western Urhobo Native Court of Appeal Review 1952 1952  
  Case Files 1934-1956  
  File Registers 1953-1955  
  Despatch Book 1938-1942  
  Office Diary 1938-1942  
  District 1937-1952  
  Touring Book 1950-1953  
  General Correspondence and caseJiles 1929-1957  



  General Correspondence of western Ijaw District Administration
1909-1958 1,078 files
  Weekly Secret Intelligence Report 1941-1946 I" I"
  Case File 1946 1930  
  General Correspondence 1905-1930  
  Record of Miscellaneous Minutes of Correspondence 1907-1908 1 volume
  Inwards Correspondence Register 1952-1953  


  General Correspondence of Western Ijaw District Administration
1906-1958 714 files
  General Correspondence, Reports and Case files
1931-1958 230 "
  General Correspondence and Annual Reports
1927-1958 49"
  Native Courts Warrants 1931-1955 17"
  Criminal Record Books 1925-1955 7 volumes
  Record and Cause Books 1952-1955 2 files
  In-coming and Out-going Correspondence Registers
1940-1956 14volume/s
  Confidential Correspondence Register 1934-1947 1 "
  Income Register 1932-1940 2"
  .Minute Books 1921-1945 3"
  Account Ledgers Cash Books and Payment Voucher Registers
1931-1956 9"
  Visitors Book 1931-1935 1 "
  Vote Expenditure Account Books 1944-1952 3"
  District Books of Koko and Waife    
  General Correspondence 1907-1951
1,446 files


  Following the Richard's Constitution (1946) and the splitting of the country into three units of provincial administration, Agriculture Department was set up and charged with the responsibility for the co-ordination of Agricultural productivity. By 1952, the Western regional government set up the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources to advise on the need to produce sufficient quantity of food and to provide the basis for industrial development of the raw products of AgricUlture domestic consumption and the promotion of exportation of cash crops.
  General Correspondence 1908-1956  



In 1952 the educational poJic;r became the responsibility of the Regional Government with its d opment resting squarely,..ith the 11inister of Education. In July of the same year, the first Minister Education for Western Region.. the Honourable 5.0. Awokoya presented his proposals for an ed tional policy to the Legislature. The Director of Education in Lagos became the Inspector-General of Education while the Dep-.J Director of Education in Ibadan became the Director of Education for Western Region. Thus, .
Western Region Ministry of Education came into being to handle the subject of educational-deva: ment in the Region
  General Correspondence of the Ministry of Education.. Ibadan 1915-1955  



In October 1957, with the split of the Ministry of Justice into two, the Ministries of Justice and Government; the administration of estates and customary courts became the responsibilities of j] Local government At first, both Ministries - Justice and Local Government - were administeree. one Permanent Secretary. However, the link was completely severed on the 1st of April, 1958 \\~ ,the post of Solicitor-General was filled for the Ministry of Justice.
  General Correspondence and case files of the Mmistry of Justice, Ibadan Criminal 1926-1958  
  Record Books 1905-1937  
  Civil Record Book 1901-1958  
  Preliminary Enquiry Book 1913-1917  
  Appeal Resident's Cause Book Minute 1951-1956  
  Books 1903-1914  
  Inspection Notes 1937-1942  
  Rules By-laws 1926  



The Ministry of Home Affairs was created in the then Western Region to publici~e and report on government activities within the region. The Ministry was also concerned with the collation, publication of reports on government departments. This ministry was functioning as the
Home Affairs and Information until 1975. In 1976, it was changed to Ministry of Local Gove , and Information while the Home Affairs became a department under the new parent Ministry Local government and Information, as a result of the government directive to reduce the n
  General Correspondence on liquor licenses, native administration and annual reports on prison department.

With the Macpherson constitution, the regional autonomy became more pronounced in the Federal
set up after 1950.
In the Western Region, the Ministry of Local government was established to control and co-ordinate the activities of the Native authorities as the third tier of government at the local level. This Ministry thereby inherited the duties and obligations of the defunct Native Administration in the old provincial set up which dealt with customary and chieftaincy matters.

  General Correspondence on customary and Chieftaincy Affairs
1899-1957 1,340 files
  Annual reports, Estimates, Ordinances, Rules and Regulations 1891-1957 876 II
  Finance and General Assessment General 1942-1956 219 II
  Correspondence on Court and Administrative Matters 1912-1959 2 35 II
  Western House of Assembly Questionnaires 1952-1955 66 II
  Inward and Outward Correspondence Registers 1953-1958 7 volumes
  Kitoyi Ajasa collection was acquired by the National Archives in 1964, Sir Kitoyi Ajasa, 1866-1937, late father of Lady O. Abayomi played an important role in the political development of Lagos in particular and Nigeria in general. Ajasa was an associate of nationalists like Dr. Henry Carr, Dr. Sapara Williams 1885-1915, Dr. Obadiah Johnson 1849-1920, and Mojola Agbebi 1860-1917 among others. Sir Ajasa (O.B.E.) was solicitor and Barrister-at-Law.
  General Correspondence relating to the Estate of J.K. Randle and Will
Not dated 134 files
  Report of Economic Committee on the Development of African Colonies 1939 2 volumes
The Private collection of Lt. William Salisbury Boyle was donated and deposited in the Archiyes in 1970 by his daughter Miss K. Boyle of 21 Bramerton Road, United Kingdom.
Late, Lt. Boyle was the District Commissioner at Asaba as the Military Officer administering the Southern part of Nigeria between 1900 and 1904. He undertook military expeditions at Idah, Onitsha, Asaba and many other notable indigenous areas of Southern Nigeria
His collection includes private letters and album of photographs of his military expeditions.
  General Correspondence of Lt. Boyle's
Military career both as the District Commissioner at Asaba and Military Officer administering the government of Southern Nigeria
1900-1903 1 File

Photo album containing the Military expeditions undertaken by Lt. Boyle at Idah, Onitsha, Asaba as well as his interaction with the natives in Southern Nigeria.



1 Album



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