Prior to Government participation in the educational development of Nigeria, education was the responsibility of the different missionary bodies operating in the country. It was not until 1901 that Government began to show interest in educational matters. Consequently in 1903 the Department of Education was established for the Southern Nigerian Protectorate while that of the Northern Nigeria was established in 1910. In 1928 the Northern and Southern Educational Departments were merged.

In 1953, the Federal Ministry of Education was established and was charged with the responsibility of developing educational policies for the country. The Ministry was also responsible for the development of higher education in Nigeria.

MED.1 General Correspondence 1925 - 69 2,578 files


The Department of Labour which was established in 1942 took over labour functions which WI performed by the staff of the old Labour Inspectorate.

In 1959, following the implementation of a general plan of ministerial re-organisation, the departments of Labour, Cooperatives and Social Welfare were merged with the Federal Ministry of Labour. The Labour ,Division of the Ministry was organised in three sections; Industrial Relations, Employment Servie and Factory Inspectorate.
The functions of the Ministry, among others, include the enforcement of labour legislation, the maintenance of good labour - management relations and the review of conditions of employment in all areas and occupations and the administration of the Factories Act.

FML/D 1 General Correspondence 1945 - 1953 710 files



The Federal Ministry of Health was created in 1954 when most public medical matters were shared between the regions and the Federal Government. Prior to this, health services were placed under
the supervisiol} of the Eastern, Western, Northern and Central Provinces.
The Colonial medical policy regarded health matters as a community service, cooperative planning for community welfare, liaison with adjacent and other territories. The policy also dealt with other matters relating to health preventive medicine, child welfare and health education. To effectively carry out the functions, the Ministry was structured into several functional Divisions such as National Health Planning, Port Health and Quarantine, Control and Eradication of Communicable Diseases, Medical Research, Drug Quality Controt- The Ministry also established a number of medical and other science departments such as Epidemiology, Laboratory Technology, Pharmacy and Nursing Departments.
MH (Fed) General Correspondence 1915 - 1967 4,372 files



The Ministry of Transport and Aviation was created in 1954 following the introduction of ministerial responsibilities. With the creation of the Ministry, the activities of the departments of Civil Aviation, the Railway and the Nigerian Inland Waterways came under the supervision of the Ministry. The Ministry later assumed the responsibility for the development of transport and Communications in Nigeria. Its activities also include the development of air transport, water transport, rail and road transport.

MTA General Correspondence 1920 - 1963 320 files



The West African Air Transport Authority was created in 1946 under the terms of the West African Territories (Air Transport) Order in Council which also provided for the formation of West African
Airways Cooperation.The Authority had the responsibility of establishing and developing Air Transport Service in and between the West African Territories.
In 1955, the West African Air Transport Authority was taken over by Civil Aviation Department
WAATA General Correspondence 1946 - 1960 190 files

The Department of Marketing and Exports was established on September 1, 1948. The establishment of the department was informed by the need for a common executive organisation in Lagos through
which the new all purpose marketing board could operate.

In addition, the department was intended to take over all functions relating to the purchase and sale of export produce.

DME General Correspondence of the activities of the department of marketing and exports 1929- 1962 262 files



The proposal for the establishment of the department of Commerce and Industry was included in the ten year development plan of 1945. The department of Commerce and Industry's secretariat was established in February 1946 to advise and assist and, where necessary, to participate in any economic objective decided by the government.
Its activities fell under two major heads; the marketing of export produce on one hand and the development of internal trade and local industries on the other.
The department was at its inception, headed by a director who was assisted by a deputy. There were four functional units under the department at the inception. They were Export Control, Account, Commerce and Disposal/Stores.

1-4 General correspondence relating to the department of Commerce and Industry. 1946-1957 2669 files
5.1 Incoming Correspondence Registers 1946-1958 5 volume/s
.2 Outgoing Correspondence Registers 1955-1956 2"
.3 Personal Ledger 1947-1952 1"



By 1946, the Department of Antiquities was already in existence. Survey regarding the preservation and display of antiquities were carried out and reports made to the government. As a result of the unhealthy condition of most of the objects and the slow pace at which archaeological work was going on, the survey team recommended the building of the headquarters of the Surveyor of Antiquities at King George V Street, Lagos and this was'approved in 1947. Museums were also built in Benin, Jos, He, Oron and Esie. These ones have since been serving as depositories for the Department of
1 General Correspondence 1927 - 1973 648 files



Before the creation of the Federal Ministry of Works and Survey, the Public Works Department for the Northern and Southern Provinces operated separately. The Works Department had the responsibility of carrying out repair work on public buildings and the construction of public highways and bridges. In 1958 the responsibilities of the Public Works Department were taken over by the Federal Ministry of Works while the Public Works Department became administrative section of the Ministry.
1 General Correspondence   1919-1960
4,954 files



The Police Department was established for the prevention and detection of crime, apprehension of offenders, maintenance of law and order as well as protection of life and properties. The establishment of the police force dated back to 1862 after the effective occupation of Colony of Lagos. With the amalgamation of Northern and Southern protectorates, the forces of these protectorates were also merged to give room for central administration.

By 1943, the Native Authority Police was established to work in collaboration with the Nigerian Police of the approval of the Resident Commissioner. The Native Authority Police was later abolished to give room for the centralisation of Police Department under the Inspector General of Police.



General Correspondence on Police affairs and Security, Western Region




309 files



After the amalgamation of Nigeria in 1914, the Eastern and Western Provinces, each with its Chief Commissioner for administrative convenience, were officially divided into two. The Western Provinces included Abeokuta, Benin, Ijebu, Ondo, Oyo and Warri Provinces. Abeokuta province became a unit on its own.
ABE PROF      



General Correspondence of Abeokuta Provincial administration 1914-1963
1597 files
9   Bound volumes and Correspondence registers of Abeokuta Provincial administration 1916-1958
22 volumes

As a result of the amalgamation of Northern and Southern Protectorates in 1914, the former Southern Protectorate was broken into nine provincial areas which were later organised into five administra
tive divisions of Benin, Sapele, Asaba, Ishan and Ifon.


In 1915 Sapele division was separated from Benin Province and merged with Warri province while !fon division was integrated into Ubiaja division. With tpis re-organisation, Benin province was again divided into three divisions of Benin, Asaba and Ubiaja.

In 1919, Akoko district was merged with Owo and !fon district was removed from Benin province while Kukuruku, Agbede and Fugar districts became part of Benin Province. In 1939, Benin Province formed part of the newly created Western Provinces which had its Headquarters at Ibadan.


  General Correspondence of Benin Provincial Administration
1,248 files
  Annual, Quarterly and Schools, Inspection Reports
18 "
  Staff Changes, Political Department Not dated 1"
  Notes - Inspection and Handing Over
  Intelligence Reports 1932-1935 18
  Intelligence Books 1899-1939 2 vobune/ s
  Minute Books of Oba's Council, Annual Conference of Residents and Board of Education 1916-1932 6"
  Returns of Criminal Cases disposed of Criminal Record 1915-1925
  Civil Records 1898-1951 13"
  Court Members Attendance Records 1914-1927 .6"
  Native Court Reviews 1931-1951 5"
  Financial Returns of Revenue and Expenditure of Native Courts 1914 I"
  Miscellaneous Court Records 1904-1957 14"
  Guide to the preparation of Assessment Reports Not dated lfile/s
  Anthropological Studies Not dated 2"
  Estimates 1930-1957 9"
  Memorandum on Forest Reserves, Southern Province Not dated r
  Central Provincial Indent of the Public Works Department, Benin City Not dated I"
  Outward and Inward Correspondence and
Transit Registers
1919-1955 31 volumel
  Register of Traveling Notes and Diary 1901-1957  
  Cash Books 1909-1957 3
  Letter Books 1907-1912 3
  General Correspondence of Benin District Office 1897-1914 2,361 file/i
  Civil Case. Files of Provincial Administration Department 1932-1953 326
  Criminal Suit Case Files of the Provincial
Administration Department
1938-1954 24/1
  Civil Case File of the Appellate]urisdiction
of the provincial administration department,
Benin City
1937 5/1
  Unnumbered General Correspondence Files 1898-1955 31/1
  Reports and Notes    
  Handing Over Notes 1899-1905 1/1
  Political and Administrative Reports 1905-1911 1/1
  Quarterly and Half Yearly Annual Reports 1906-1955 36/1
  Benin District Route and Intelligence Reports 1932-1940 4/1
  Other Reports Not dated 4/1
  Court Reports    
  Criminal Record Books 1906-1954 4/1
  Civil Record Books 1904-1943 5/1
  Other Court Matters Not dated 5/1
  Native Court Warrants 1921-1952 3 15 /I
  Registers Books 1908-1958 52 volume/s
  Inward and outward Correspondence
1908-1958 14/1
  Traveling Note and Record Books Not dated 24/1
  Assessment Book 1928 1 volume/s
  Minute Books and Filed Minutes 1937-1938 4/1
  Revenue Collector's Cash Book 1950-1951 1/1
  Index to Correspondence Register 1937 2/1
  Stationery and Stores Ledgers 1956-1958 3/1
  Attendance Book, Station Labour Not dated 1/1
  Land Dispute Book Not dated 1/1
  File Register Not dated 1/1
  Miscellaneous Series 1932-1959 23/1
  Tax Assessment 1950-1955 7"
  Estimates 1932-1958 7"
  Affidavits on application for Marriage 1928-1950 5 files
  Federal Elections, Loose Papers 1959 5 bundles
  Benin Divisional Council, N.E.W.A. minutes 1947 - 1951 2 volume



  General Correspondence of the Proyincial
Administration Department Benin City
1955-1957 501 files



  General Correspondence of Provisional
Administration Department
1919-1958 1,467 files
  Criminal and Civil Case Files 1944-1945 92
  General Correspondence FIles of the Administration Department 1933-1953 86
  Unnumbered Files. 1919-1958 12 pieces
  Reports and Notes    
  Intelligence Reports, Annual Reports and Handing Over Notes 1930-1956 56 files
  Courts Records    
  Native Court Warrants 1915-1955  
  Coroners Inquest No. 1/33 1933  
  Land Dispute Book 1921-1923  
  Criminal and Civil Case Files 1916-1952  
  Criminal Cases Records Books 1907-1948  
  Civil Cases Record Books 1908-1944  
  Appeal Books 1937-1955  
  Review Books 1931-1955  
  Approved List of Native Court Member' and Attendance 1917-1944  
  Miscellaneous 1951-1957 17"
  Estimates, Financial Statementsand Schedules
1951-1957 17"
  Vouchers 1951 4"
  Instruments establishing Lcal Government
Councils, Appointment and Recognition
of Chiefs
1954-1955 3 pieces
  Voter's List Not dated 66 files
  Registers Books 1914-1957 83 volume/s
  Inward and Outward Correspondence
1934-1956 17"
  Stores and Salary Ledger Books 1914-1957 3"
  Marriage Certificates 1932-1956 56"
  File Registers 1918-1933 I"
  Council Meetings Registers, Ibusa
  Payment and Receipt book Ogwashi-Uku,
1946 1 file
  TraveHrtg Record Books 1927-1941 3 volume/s II



  General Correspondence of Provincial
Administration Dept.
1922-1957 1,403 vol I s
  Miscellaneous Papers 1950-1956 2 file/s II
  Local Council Instrument, Agbor District 1955 I"
  Contract Agreements 1950-1956 I"
  Reports 1932-1954 14"
  Annual Reports 1932-1954 13"
  Intelligence Reports, Agbor Clan 1939 I"
  Court Records 1907-1956 16 volumes
  Civil Record Books 1907-1956 5"
  Criminal Record Books 1934-1955 4"
  General Cause Lists 1941-1942 2"
  Review Books 1937 3"
  Magistrate's Court Civil Case Files 1936 2 files
  Registers 1920-1957 13 volume/s
  Inward and Outward Correspondence
1951-1957 8"
  Cash Books 1941-1945 2
  Traveling Diary and Record Book 1920-1921 1"
  File Registers Not dated 5"



  General Correspondence of Provisional
Administration Department
1932-1958 609 files



  General Correspondence of the Divisional
Office, Auchi
1919-1958 1,243 file/s
  Criminal and Civil Cases Files of the Kukuruku Divisional Office, Auchi 1951-1958 344
  General Correspondence of Resident's Office Benin City, Local Government Adviser's Office, Benin City and Kukuruku Divisional Office, Auchi 1916-1958 845
  Clan Court. Criminal and Civil Case Files of the Kukuruku Divisional Office, Auchi 1952-1958 212 .
  Reports and Notes 1932-1954 10
  Annual Reports Kukuruku Division 1946-1952 3.
  Intelligence Report, Otwa Clan 1932 1"
  Reports on Kukuruku Division re-application of W.R. Local Govt. Law 1953 3
  Standing Rules and Financial Memoranda 1943-1954 2
  Chief Commissioner's Touring Notes 1948 1~
  Court Records 1922-1949 8 volume/
  Warrants of Commitment for Trial Counterfoils 1943-1944 2 files
  Complaints and Disputes Book 1948-1949 1 volume/s
  Criminal Record Books 1925-1945 4/1
  Civil Records Book 1921-1922 /I
  Registers 1920-1956 24/1
  Inward, Outward, Telegrams and Registered Correspondence Registers 1941-1956 17/1
  Cash Books 1940-1951 4/1
  Marriage Registers 1926-1946 3/1




The Calabar Province came into being in 1914 after the amalgamation of the Southern and Northern Protectorates and the splitting of the former Eastern Province into four provinces.Calabar province comprised the following divisions and districts: Aba, Arochuku, Eket, Ikot Ekpene, ltu, Opobo and Uyo. The records of the Calabar Provincial Office at Ibadan form part of the parent body at the Enugu Branch Office.

  Letters from the British Naval Officers to
British Governors of Fernando Po
1846-1949 1 bundle / s
  Miscellaneous Letters 1846-1949 1/1
  From Foreign Office to Consuls 1849-1889 37/1
  From Consuls to Foreign Office 1849-1889 7/1
  Admiralty Despatches to and from Foreign Office    
  Admiralty Despatches to Consuls Foreign circular Despatches to Consuls 1854-1874 1/1 2.5
  Court of Equity Records 1855-1885 5/1
  Out-Letters. 1855-1885 1/1
  In-Letters 1871-1876 1/1
  Minutes 1869-1882 2/1
  Accounts and Statutory Instruments 1871-1876 2/1
  In-Letters to Consuls 1850-1889 10/1
  Out-Letters from Consuls 1851-1887 1/1
  Miscellaneous Letters 1849-1869 2/1
  Accounts Papers 1851-1885 I"
  ProclamaHons 1852-1887 1"
  Reports and Instructions 1855-1889 1"
  Shipping Papers 1874-1875 1"
  Manumission Papers 1859-1878 1"
  Regulations and Instructions of the National African Company 1886 1"
  Instruments-Administrative and Legal i.e.
Treaties, Agreement, Deeds etc.
1850 6"
  Consular Court Records 1850-1888 I"
  Miscellaneous Printed Matter 1879-1888 1-
  In-Letters to the High Commissioner and
Consul General
1891-1899 4-
  Out-Letters from High Commissioner and
Consul General
1891-1899 1-
  In-Letters to Vice-Consuls, District Commissioners and Assistant District Commissioners
1894-1899 3-
  Miscellaneous Letters 1891-1899 1-
  Despatches to Hig}) Commissioner and Consul
General from Foreign Office
1896-1899 1-
  Despatches from High Commissioner and
Consul General to Foreign Office
1893-1899 1.
  Minutes 1896-1899 1 bundh5
  Reports 1893-1898 1"
  Statistical Returns 1898-1899 1.
  Accounts Papers 1893-1899 1
  Court Records 1891-1899 "
  Royal Commissions, Notice Certificates, etc. 1891-1898 1"
  In-Letters to the High Commissioner 1900-1902 51
  Out-Letters from the High Commissioner 1900-1906 511
  In-Letters to Divisional and District Commissioners
1900-1906 311
  Out-Letters of Divisional and District Commissioners
1900-1906 111
  In-Letters for the British Consular Agent for
Cameroon and Duala
1904-1906 111
  Miscellaneous Letters 1900-1905 111
  Minutes 1900-1906 111
  Proclamations 1900-1902 311
  Reports 1900-1902 611
  Court Records 1900-1905 111
  Accounts Papers 1900-1904 111
  Statistical Returns 1900-1903 111
  Provincial Commissioners Ruling Book 1904-1911 111
  Ordinances, Licences Certificates etc. 1900-1906 111
  Miscellaneous Printed Matters 1900-1901 111
  General Correspondence, Handing Over Notes, Annual and Half Yearly Reports
1906-1949 813 files



The Colony of Lagos was created in 1861 when the British annexed Lagos. The history of British administration in the Colony falls into four broad phases. The first covers the years 1861-1886 when the Colony was administered as a separate entity. The second covers the period from 1886-1906 when it formed part of the Western Provinces as the Colony and Protectorate of Lagos. While the third. phase cover the years 1906-1913 when the Colony and Protectorate of Lagos was amalgamated with the Protectorate of Southern Nigeria.. The last phase came in 1914 when the Protectorate of Southern Nigeria was amalgamated with the Protectorate of Northern Nigeria to establish the Protectorate of Nigeria.

  General Correspondence of the Commissioner of Colony Office and Administrator's Office

5427 file/s
  Records oHhe Colony Administration Department in the Commissioner's Office 1935-1959

32 II
  Records of the Ministry of Land, Mines and Power, Lagos 1954-1959 19 II
  Records of Lagos Affairs, Mines and Power, Lagos 1951-1954 39
  Records of the Land Department, Lagos 1930-1955 80"
  Records of the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources 1952-1957 4"
  Records of the Office of the Controllers of Foodstuffs 1944-1948 10"
  Records of Air Raid, Warden's Office 1942-1943 7"
  Records of the Colony Development Board 1949-1956 396
  Records of the Lagos Town Council 1941-1954 35
  Records of the Lagos Executive Development Board 1941-1955 20
  Minutes 1955  
  Reports and Statements of Accounts of Government Rest House, Ikoyi, Lagos 1949-1952  
  Registers including Correspondence, firearms, despatches, cash, oath and service records 1920-1956  
  Judgment Book 1940- 1937  
  Minute Books 1939- 1937  
  Diaries 1947  



  Civil Records Books 1865-1935 15 volu
  Criminal Record Books 1877-1937 31
  Miscellaneous Court Records 1890-1934 4:
  Minute Books 1887-1935 14
  LetlerBooks 1866-1913  
  Civil Commandant's Office 1866-1877 3
  Collector of Customs Office 1866-1875  
  District Commissioner's Office 1866-1875
  Intelligence Records and Diaries of the District Commissioner
1876:-1913 26
  Incoming and Outgoing Correspondence Registers of the District Commissioners and District Officer's Offices 1886-1937  
  Land Agreements, Handing Over Notes and Intelligence Queries 1897-1914 3 bun



  General Correspondence 1920-1957 546
  Court Records 1889-1848 57 volumes
  Leke District Commissioner's Criminal Record Books 1889-1897 2"
  Ikorodu District Commissioner's Office Criminal Records Books 1899-1937 13"
  Ikorodu District Commissioner's Judgment Summons Record Books Epe Criminal 1905-1924 1" 13 "
  Record Books 1911-1948 11"
  Epe Record Books 1923-1937 11"



  General Correspondence Incoming and Outgoing
1921-1957 111 files
  General Correspondence Book files 1913-1959 472"


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