Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State, lies in the tropical belt. It is the largest African town south of the Sahara. It is an administrative, commercial and industrial city, which is an hour's drive from Lagos. It can also be reached by road, rail and air from other parts of the country. Transportation within
Ibadan is quite adequate. The city is well connected to other parts of the country by telephone. Hotel I accommodation is available in and around the University of Ibadan campus where the office is located.
The history and development of the Ibadan Office of the National Archives is almost synonymous with that of the National Archives Department. Ibadan served as the National Archives headquar ters from inception in 1954, to 1984 when the administrative headquarters was moved to Lagos. The repository remains at Ibadan. The first purpose-built building of the Department was erected on the I University College Ibadan campus in 1958.


The holding of the National Archives Ibadan include records of the Central Administration made up of records of the Consular period (1849-1899), the Colony and Protectorate of Southern Nigeria, Ministries and Parastatals. They also include records of the Western Provinces and the Western region which now comprise Ogun, Ondo, Osun,Oyo, Delta and Edo States. There are records of individuals, private organisations, newspapers and government publications.

All enquiries should be addressed to:
Director, National Archives, P.M.B. 4, U.I. Post Office, University of Ibadan, Ibadan.
Tel: 022-415007.




- Chief Secretary's Office
- Federal Ministry of Education
- Federal Ministry of Labour
- Federal Ministry of Health
- Federal Ministry of Transport and Aviation
- West African Air Transport Authority
- The Department of Marketing and Exports
- Federal Department of Commerce and Industry
- Federal Ministry of Antiquities
- Federal Public Works Department
- Federal Police Department
- Abeokuta Province
- Benin Province
- Benin District Office
- Local Government Adviser, Benin City
- Asaba Divisional Office
- Agbor District Office
- Ishan Divisional Office
- Kukuruku Divisional Office
- Calabar Province
- Commissioner of the Colony Office
- Records of Badagry Divisions
- Epe Divisional Office Records
- Ikeja Division

- Ministry of Local Government (West)
- Ibadan Province
- Ijebu Province
- Ondo Province
- Ondo Divisional Office
- Ado Ekiti Divisional Office
- Owo Divisional Office
- Okitipupa Divisional Office
- Akure Divisional Authority
- Oyo Province
- He Divisional Office
- Ilesha Divisional Office
- Iwo District Office
- Oshun Divisional Office
- Oyo Divisional Office
- Ibadan Divisional Office
- Warri Province
- Sapele District Office
- Urhobo Divisional (Ugheli Office)
- Kwale District Office
- Western Ijaw District Office
- Secretariat Western Provinces
- Ministry of Agriculture
- Ministry of Education
- Ministry of Justice
- Ministry of Home Affairs
- Ministry of Local Government
- Kitoyi Ajasa Collection
- Lt. Boyle's Collections

- J.V. Clinton Collection
- Church Missionary Society Yoruba Mission
- Coker's Collection

- Ernest Ikoli's Collection
- Bishop Philip's Collections
- Oke Collections
- Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society
- United African Company
- Roman Catholic Records
- Lijadu Family Records
- Civil War Collections
- Proceedings of the Kiriji Centenary Celebrations
- Oged Macaulay Records
- Hunter's Collections
- Holt Collections



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